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The main web page for this project can be found at Mutualist Blog, with a more detailed chapter outline and links to most of my blog posts on organization theory. All draft chapters online are linked there, as well. I recommend you refer to it as the primary location for this project:

Notes on Organization Theory: An Individualist Anarchist Perspective


Chapter One. A Critical Survey of Orthodox Views of Economy of Scale

Chapter Two. Empirical Evidence on Economy of Scale

Chapter Three. State Policies Promoting Excessive Corporate Size and Centralization

Chapter Four. Systemic Effects of State-Induced Economic Centralization and Large Organizational Size

Chapter Five: Knowledge and Information Problems in the Large Organization

Chapter Six: Agency and Incentive Problems in the Large Organization

Chapter Seven. Economic Calculation in the Corporate Commonwealth (the corporation as planned economy)

Chapter Eight. Managerialism: Irrationality and Authoritarianism in the large organization

Chapter Nine. Special Agency Problems of Labor (Internal Crisis Tendencies of the Large Organization)

Chapter Ten: Attempts at Reform from Within

Chapter Eleven: The Abolition of Privilege

Chapter Twelve--The Cost Principle

Chapter Thirteen: The Dissolution of the State in Society

Chapter Fourteen--Decentralized Production Technology

Chapter Fifteen--The Social Organization of Production: Cooperatives and Peer Production

Chapter Sixteen--The Social Organization of Distribution, Exchange and Services